Digitise, visualise and analyse your data with FLNT CORE

Reveal new trends

Uncover and compare key metrics to recognise patterns and investment opportunities holistically.

Customise your data

Personalise dashboards to display information most important to you for a better, clearer analysis.

Real-time alerts

Receive instant notifications of the changes in data most relevant to you.



Search engine used to search and visualise subscription data with real-time alerts at speed.
Specific functionality includes:
  • All your datasets in a single data lake, updated constantly. 
  • Datasets can be instantly visualised with a few clicks. 
  • View your datasets in table view or chart view. 
  • Download datasets in excel for further analysis.
  • View up to 4 comparable datasets on a single screen to understand the market holistically.


Pin your charts onto customised dashboards. Present to your investors with the most up to date data.

Specific functionality includes:
  • Graphical interface with quick takeaways of important intelligence.
  • Draw important metrics for reporting, analysis and insight.
  • Customise and personalise information displayed in accordance with each user.

Data Lab Lite

Build your own models, challenge, and validate your investment intuitions.